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Our Story

UpStart Kitchen is a food business incubator that caters to entrepreneurs—to doers and dreamers—who have a passion for their niche in the culinary world but lack a certified professional kitchen to help bring their idea to life. We offer shared kitchen space—as well as resources, training, mentoring, and community—to help launch dreams and create generational wealth in Milwaukee.


We are dedicated to uplifting Milwaukee’s urban landscape by providing the community with both opportunity and nourishment. That’s why we embrace the challenge of transforming our beloved communities one recipe at a time.

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We can lean upon our faith and serve people by offering fresh opportunities where once there was none, and uniting our community under a shared vision that unites people around launching culinary entrepreneurs. An initiative of PRISM EDC, UpStart Kitchen aims to be a hub of positivity in Milwaukee’s resilient Sherman Park community.

Our Partners

UpStart Kitchen is more than a shared-space commercial kitchen.

We're collaborating with organizations such as:

  • WWBIC - business planning, financing & much more

  • Milwaukee Public Library - starting a business, research & more

  • Marquette Law and Entrepreneurship Clinic

  • Small Business Development Center 

  • Chambers of commerce, nonprofits, businesses & more

UpStart exists to provide food entrepreneurs access to small business resources in licensing, business planning, marketing, budgeting, hiring, and financing. UpStart partners with excellent, existing resources in Milwaukee to help entrepreneurs thrive.

COVID-19 Emergency Meals Program

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted PRISM and UpStart to consider new ways to leverage UpStart Kitchen in service to the community. Since March 2020, kitchen staff and volunteers have prepared and delivered meals to local organizations and churches that serve families facing food insecurity during these difficult times. UpStart Kitchen is currently preparing nearly 8,000 meals a month.

Help support UpStart and contribute towards a community cause

Our Supporters
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